Three Riders Up

Question; how do I make a statue of a vaulting event horse and rider(s)?  And, make it look plausible?  This is the type of question I love to answer in clay.

I’ve been working on the horse (actually the plinth in this sculpture).  Depicted at a very slow canter, the horses gait  is as smooth as peanut butter on white bread.  Although that sounds sticky, maybe it’s a good thing since these riders need to stick to the horse while doing their airs above ground.  He’s a Warmblood type horse,  he started out as a heavy horse.  But I wanted a bit more refinement in the neck  so he’s now a crossbred.  Feathers and all.

The model is about ready to have the gear put on in preparation for the three vaulters.  Makes me think of the wonderful piece of  I love by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.  This time the horse will be supporting three riders instead of just one.