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Last Friday I needed to finish up the thumbnail drawings for a commission. While in Laramie, Wyoming I went over the details in how a commission worked. I told my new client I’d send thumbnails in about a week.  (This process is always easier if I provide some drawings so we can put a thumb on the one or two that strikes a fancy in my client’s heart). At the same time I was using layout paper and black ink – drawing and redrawing the ideas and trying to get the concepts on paper, I needed to send out some sketches (these are more fleshed out, usually in charcoal or graphite) for an open house in the area.

I chose some large drawings of draft horses, and a running Friesian stallion.  Got those in some gallery framing and off we went to deliver them.  Meanwhile the thumbnails were too hot, they were overworked and I needed to let it go until Monday when I could go back and redraw them after a break of a couple days.

I drew them again this morning and overnighted them to NYC. Meanwhile the BMS sculpture will be poured tomorrow, and they need me around the 21st of October to finish the piece.