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Making our way from Versailles, KY to Denver via Cincinnati airport was a soggy journey at best.  The water was cascading off the rock cliffs at Wall Creek along Fords Mill road.  Not unusual in the spring it’s quite a sight in the fall when we’ve been dry for a couple weeks and the creeks are lazy with water.  We packed the clay model in a hard sided luggage and sent it along to the cargo gods to take care of while we’re in flight.  There are just a few ways to move a finished statue and this one seems to work as well as a very high priced crate and UPS or Fed-X moving it along their path to it’s destiny.  I removed the ears and carefully packed the clay in a box and then packed it again in foam so it’s stationary in its cradle.  It’s either this method, the crating and hoping or I hire a driver to take it out to Colorado.

Said goodbye to all the animals and left detailed information on everybody’s needs that will be cared for by our house sitter.  I had to tell myself everything will be still there ready for me to attend to when I get back.  The gessoed wood panel with is waiting for me with the pencil drawing of the three foxhounds scenting the air.  It’s not easy to tear myself away from my work but sometimes it’s good to have a change of scenery so I can think about the work without having access to it.

Our conversation along the way hit on renaming our livestock with bug names (one of the all time winning show horses I bred was named GTF Beetlejuice, or for short Beetle) , after I picked a nickname for my new Saddlebred filly, Lolita.  I couldn’t figure a way to remember her name if it was derivative of that, Lola, Lita, Lolly, no way, so I thought, she is cute, fixy as we say in the Saddlebred business, (it means she’s upright and uses her ears) or since she’s cute as a bug, so I think Cricket will work for her barn name.  Chestnut in the real red color I love, like an Irish setter red, all kinds of white and a flaxen mane and tail makes my knees weak, what a gorgeous filly.  When I was told she would be a walk trot horse I thought, oh yes, that’s what I want, I love big trotting horses. She has impeccable credentials, fresh and new she will be a fun project. I visited her back in stall after her presentation and she was very sweet, letting me touch her coat.  I’m so excited . . . .  The other horses were renamed in this manner; Princess, Eric said she’s like a praying mantis, so Mantis, Reno, well that one was easy, he’s a tick, so Tick, 63 or Eadon (Ae-don) is like a heavy slower moving bumblebee, so she’ Bee.