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Walking the Line

Armed with a can of white spray paint, a 15 ft. length of rope and  my husband we measured out the steel posts for the back line of the property.  Start, stoop, spray, and another 15 ft. measured.  We need 85 posts. We’ll start  installing the posts today.

After we did our measuring and spraying, the fellow whose going to clean up all the old stuff littered about the old homestead came and walked over the farm with us. A bit here and there; old roof steel, a part of an old farm equipment, a red VW truck here, large downed logs, and the pile of brush that was bulldozed from the fence row between the blue house and the log cabin. He’s going to dig a trench and burn the brush and then cover it up. All the metal pieces will be fished out and taken to the recycling center.The sink hole in front of the studio which was found by a large truck wheel will get some large rocks and then patched over with soil.  We’re trying to fix all the potential hot spots for the horses to get injured.

Next, 30 tons of crushed limestone will be installed in and in front of the run-in shed.  I’d like for it to be leveled so I can put a stall on one end for caring for a horse or two if needed. Nothing is level here, all the land falls to the river so we picked the most level spot for the run-in shed but it’s still a 6 inch drop from the back of the building to the front.

I love guys with their big toys.  They don’t ever think can’t, they do especially when they have a big dump truck or one of my favorite toys, a Bob Cat. The stone will be delivered on Tuesday morning. They’ll dump it in front of my studio so what’s left will be spread around on the parking lot. We discussed putting some top soil in the turnaround in front of the log house. Figuring how much soil and how to bank it up so it won’t run off and down the hill with the water is something  I have to consider.  I’d like to have a perennial garden in front of the house to give it some interest. Right now there’s absolutely no plantings or trees next to the house. I plan on fixing that. Probably wait until spring for the garden.

Walking back across the second field we noticed the deer track crossing our fence line.  It’s deer season here and the deer are moving quickly through the fields and woods. It will be over soon.

A quick visit with Darrell, he’d been replacing the rotten access door to the crawl space. He finished up the cedar posts on the front which are replacing the bracing that was left attached to the outside of the logs. We discussed how to reconfigure the kitchen so it feels more roomy and inviting.  The floor in front of the sink is rotten from a long period of leaking  plumbing will be pulled up and replaced. The flooring is pine siding that they installed the back side of it, tongue and groove. It helps to decipher what you see in front of you by a contractor who can read the boards.  He said he’d look at cabinets when he went to Lowe’s for some other supplies. We may use some of the cabinets and replace the doors if we can figure out how to make sure we have access to the water heater.  I asked him to install the wall electric heater that came with the purchase of the property.  It’s in the bedroom and will help heat that separate room. The property has a propane wall heater.  I think we’ll stick with it.

I see buffalo check curtains and fresh paint in the future but that is next not now.