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Weather Moving In

We laid in the wood flooring for the log house and surveyed the progress in the kitchen. I walked over to the run in shed and checked how wet the floor was from all the rain this past week. Fairly normal.  We’re going to put in a gutter along the back to keep the water from collecting off the back of the building.

We went over to the 30 acre pasture to feed the horses and surveyed the grass. Looks like it’s time to move the horses to the other field for a month or so before we start putting hay out for forage.  We’re told the wind may hit 50 mph today. Looks like the weather isn’t going to be easy on the fence moving project. A line of old wire is woven into the tree line at the bottom of the hill. We need to get the Bob Cat over here to tear it out and fill any holes in the fields.  These fields have been used for cattle for years. Not horses.  So safety is needed. My older Saddlebred mare needs her medium weight blanket. I guess it’s winter in the bluegrass.