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Wet Grass

My dog Vivid accompanied me on my journey through the sea of grass. The fog had just lifted from the Kentucky river below us leaving the grass very wet and very green for October. I put on my muck boots for the expedition. Soon I’d find out how many feet of fence would be required to fence out the horses from the log house and fence in the horses from the road and river. In or out, it doesn’t really matter; it’s just the feet needed. The fencing question would be solved today.

Armed with a bright yellow measuring wheel I rolled around all the areas that I want to have fenced on our new property.  Must be construction yellow so you can find where you left it. Wish in a way they made nails in bright colors that fade to silver once they’ve been pounded into the wood. Sure would help with loose nails and horses hooves.

546 feet down the lane and around the log house. This is to keep the critters out.  Next, 150 feet next to my house so I can see the horses when they’re on the east side of the farm.  45 ft along the river on our house river boundary, 130 feet to extend the board fence along our little section of ground next to the house. 750 feet along the river, 250 along the western boundary.  I was careful to wind my way around the red VW truck left in the wooded area. I need five steel gates four big enough for vehicles and horses to pass through and one for just humans.  I’ll be going back in a couple hours when the sun burns off the heavy dew.