Whirly Gig

I ran the shedding blade along her body and large soft pads of white hair floated to the ground. White hair littered the new blades of green grass where I groomed and tacked up the White Queen. There’s going to be lots of bird nests with a snowy white edging along the Kentucky River Palisades. I don’t think non-horseman would ever understand the pleasure of raking the coat on a horse and removing all the winters cares.  Horses seem to enjoy it too unless you’re too rough on the belly or legs.  I have other implements for hair removal on the touchy spots on a horse.  So I try to make it a pleasurable experience for the horse too.

Starting out at a leisurely pace I quickened her gait to a nice ground swallowing trot up the long hill.  Slowing down to navigate the farm implements in my path, I chose to skirt them and ride up the bank of a small pond on the knoll.  Walking forward with purpose I was temporarily not being vigilant, just enjoying the moment.  But not for long.  In the next instance what were two mallards in the tiny pond rose with a flutter of wings spooking the White Queen. Needless to say they came over the top of us like helicopters rising from the ground.  The White Queen was startled and wheeled around, slowed a bit until they came right over the top of us then veered away.  The first twirl of the whirly gig I stayed put, albeit, grabbing her mane, but the next maneuver was the telling one.  The White Queen crouched and spun the other direction as the helicopter ducks came over us. She gave them both eyes on the airborne birds.  That was the moment I thought, here it comes, this going to hurt when I hit the ground.  But not to be moved from one comfortable sitting position to another with a hard landing in between, alas, I was sightly off kilter. I was on her neck, but still in my stirrups, so it wasn’t a pretty save but save it was.  The White Queen stopped and I resettled in the saddle.  She wasn’t spooked by my unseating, which as a first for us a good thing.  Sometimes horses go to the next level of unseating a rider if the whirling scares them even more.  Glad I didn’t have to take the ground route.  She’s a big mare and I was hoping for was a dismount to my feet.  Enough of this, I made it through the whirly gig and the ride was an uneventful pleasure afterwards.